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Headline News
U.S. citizens assembled at polling booths across the country on Nov. 8 for the midterm elections. These elections differ
Our mothers go through so many difficulties to give birth. Not only are pregnancies long and tiring, but giving birth is
National News
A Ukrainian film festival was held for the first time in Korea. From Nov. 15-20, films exploring Ukraine’s history and
Around Me
A turkey is a large bird. It looks like a chicken. Eating turkey meat is good for a baby’s growth.
World News I
On Nov. 9, Mark Zuckerberg fired 11,000 Meta employees, a reduction of 13 percent of his company’s workforce. Meta is the parent company of
What’s This About?The FIFA World Cup started on Nov. 20 and is being held in Qatar. 32 teams from all over the world have gathered in the c
Korea won a total of 14 medals at the first World Cup of the short track season. A total of three gold, six silver, and five bronze medals w
The huge roster of artists and actors from Starship Entertainment has recently appeared on The Game Caterers. The Game Caterers is an entert
World News
One lucky person in California bought the winning ticket for a $2.04-billion (W2.73 trillion) lottery prize. The ticket was sold at a gas st
Rania Al-Yassin was born in 1970. Her family is of Palestinian descent, but she was born and raised in Kuwait. Queen Rania received her educ
National News
French luxury brand Louis Vuitton enjoys incorporating art into its products. Each year, the brand reinterprets artwork from famous artists
National News
Protests took place in Seoul after the deadly crush that took place in Itaewon during Halloween celebrations.Citizens arrived in the streets
World News
There is a famous painting called New York City I. It was made by an artist named Piet Mondrian. Many galleries all over the world have show
Many companies are making special contact lenses. One company in America is making contact lenses with augmented reality functions. These le
Are you a picky eater? If so, these are a few tips that might help you overcome this problem! First, you need to find out what it is you don
Maintaining good mental health in your daily life is just as important as maintaining good physical health. First, get some sunlight. It wil
Around Me
A turkey is a large bird. It looks like a chicken. Eating turkey meat is good for a baby’s growth.
Yummy News
Many people in the United States and Canada eat s’mores. A s’more is a campfire snack. Let’s
Around Nature
Which animals have whiskers? Sea cows use their whiskers to sense: - water flows - other animals
See & do
- Read, trace, and do! (1) Put. Put on your shoes. (2) Play. Play with the leaves. (3) Decorate.
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