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“What we really demand of existence is not that we shall be put into somebody else’s Utopia, but we shall be put in a
Do you have something to do on a regular basis when you have free time? Surprisingly, many people do not. As students, i
National News
On May 13, the Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation서울시설공단 announced that it will be holding the 20
Around Me
The bus driver helps us by taking people everywhere. They try to drive the bus slowly so that peop
World News I
In late May, a shocking set of photos was published in a Beijing newspaper, prompting a slew of voices worldwide to raise concern. The pictu
What’s This About?Universal basic income (UBI) is a progressive initiative to provide money each month to cover basic living expenses. Gove
Son Yeon-jae made a great showing at the Sofia World Cup in Bulgaria on May 29, and many people are expecting her to win a medal at the 2016
It’s been two whole decades since the original Independence Day movie was released. The sci-fi disaster film was a colossal success, earnin
Hot Issue
On May 21, one picture made headlines across all major news outlets in the U.S. This single image captures the inspiring story of Alix Idrac
Jeong Ji-eun, a 26-year-old female army officer, was qualified for both South Korea and the United States’ combat skills test, according to
World News
This month has been a momentous occasion because for the first time in American history, a woman will be able to run for president. Her name
Wait, a driving dog? Yes, that’s right! SPCA Auckland, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals, have taught dogs how to drive a car.
World News
Switzerland is famous for inventing Swiss cheese, a cheese known for its holes. After 17 long years, the country completed a new kind of hol
What`s New?
Have you ever been stuck in traffic? Do you think the air is too polluted? China has a solution with the “straddling bus.” This electric b
Imagine being in the middle of an epic battle between Lex Luther and Superman. Lex is destroying the city by manipulating gravity. How is th
Have you ever seen something glow in the dark and wondered how it happens? When it comes to the ocean, the darkest place on Earth, there is
Around Me
The bus driver helps us by taking people everywhere. They try to drive the bus slowly so that peop
Yummy News
It’s hot. Make a big glass of watermelon slush for a sweet treat! Watermelon is good for your sk
Around Nature
This is a proboscis monkey. How is it different from other monkeys? It has a very big nose! In
See & do
Walk. Walk to your seat. Sit. Sit with your legs closed. Speak. Speak in a soft voice. Step. Ste
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