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Headline News
The Korean cabinet has approved a proposal to shorten the period of mandatory military service by three months. The gove
The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) has unveiled a locally developed booster engine. The space agency has been
National News
Through an investigation, people found poisonous and dangerous materials in some slimes that children play with. These t
Around Me
Chuseok is a very big Korean holiday. Every Korean visits their family on Chuseok. We all go to
World News I
A marketing campaign for Domino’s Pizza in Russia got a little out of hand when the company promised consumers free pizzas for life.In fact
What’s This About? A credit card is a small plastic card that is issued by a bank or a business. It is used to purchase goods and build up
On Sept. 4, wrestler Lee Wang-pyo passed away from gallbladder cancer at the age of 64. Called the “Champion Forever” and the “Wrestling
On Sept. 5, a brand-new multinational girl group called GWSN, an acronym for “girls in the park,” debuted with their single “Puzzle Moon.
World News
Recently, a powerful typhoon struck western Japan. Known as Typhoon Jebi, it was the strongest typhoon to strike Japan in 25 years. The name
Kim Hwan-gi was one of Korea’s most representative artists of the 20th century. He was a pioneer of abstract and avant-garde art in Korea.K
National News
Nowadays, it is quite common to see imported fruits in Korean supermarkets. As the demand for foreign fruits has increased, imports of these
National News
Caffeine is a natural stimulant that is usually found in coffee, tea, and chocolate. Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine is harmful to o
World News
In the United States, the police recently recovered a pair of slippers from the classic film The Wizard of Oz. The slippers are one of four
Eagles are large and powerful birds. They have heavy heads with large, hooked beaks. They have strong legs, sharp talons, and a wide wingspa
When you expose plants to light energy, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. We call this process photosynthesis. There is a unique type
On the morning of Aug. 25, Daniel, Jack, and Matthew Aplin discovered a giant squid when they were driving near the south coast of Wellingto
Around Me
Chuseok is a very big Korean holiday. Every Korean visits their family on Chuseok. We all go to
Yummy News
We can make songpyeon when our family gets together. It’s just like playing with Play-Doh! Firs
Around Nature
Squirrels Squirrels are small and fast. They have fur. Some squirrels can even fly. Squirre
See & do
Meet. Meet your family. Share. Share your stories. Visit. Visit your relatives. Make. Make
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