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Headline News
At the beginning of the month, Japan announced that it would begin restricting the export of certain products to Korea.
Did you know that rollercoaster cars don’t come with engines? For vehicles to move, they need some sort of energy. At t
National News
Korean Air recently announced it will host its 11th painting contest for elementary school students. It will accept part
Around Me
Every year, there is a rainy season. It starts in late June. It rains a lot in the rainy season.
World News I
The United States has been named the world’s top trash maker. Although the U.S. makes up only 4 percent of Earth’s population, it produces
What’s This About? Physician-assisted suicide (PAS), often shortened to assisted suicide, is one of the world’s most controversial issues.
The FIFA Women’s World Cup concluded earlier this month with the final match between the United States and the Netherlands.The Americans ma
Younha’s latest mini album, Stable Mindset, was released on July 2, just in time for monsoon season. It contains four new tracks, with “On
World News
In the midst of the U.S.-China trade war, global companies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, and Nintendo are making plans to move
Believing cleanliness allows people not only to fight against infections and diseases but also to get employed and keep their jobs, Jake Aus
National News
The National Institute for International Education recently announced that the number of applicants for TOPIK, a test designed to measure fo
National News
When a big fire broke out at Seoul Eunmyung Elementary School last month, it significantly raised people’s awareness for the necessity of i
World News
Since 1776, Americans have celebrated Independence Day on July 4. Before independence, the British Empire governed America, so Americans had
The International Science Olympiad is also called the Brain Olympics. It is an international competition where students use their knowledge
Since we need cars and factories, we cannot help but produce exhaust gas. To solve this problem, researchers came up with a way to reuse exh
Barley is a 1-year old golden retriever. His owners, Zita and Marc, say he is a fun-loving sweetheart who loves attention. What does Barley
Around Me
Every year, there is a rainy season. It starts in late June. It rains a lot in the rainy season.
Yummy News
A mince pie is a sweet pie from England. For the filling, we put something called mincemeat. To ma
Around Nature
Some animals eat dead animals. These animals are called scavengers. They don’t have to hunt and k
See & do
(1) Eat. Eat watermelons. (2) Hold. Hold hands. (3) Pile. Pile the blocks. (4) Read. Read a bedti
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