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On Sep. 4-5, China hosted the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China. This marks the 11th time the event has called the worlds
Have you ever worn a casual T-shirt and jeans around town? Who hasnt? T-shirts are some of the most common clothing it
National News
On Sep. 2, the Ministry of Education and the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education뱸ñû held the 2016
Around Me
The stove is hot! Mmm, this blanket feels so soft. Ouch, I stepped on a rock! You feel all the
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A scientist wouldnt get excited over a squid, right? Well, a googly-eyed squid that looks just like a toy left a whole team of scientists
Whats This About? Weve all heard a story or two about people who have been victims of a crime on busy streets. Even when we go on trips
If youre a sports watcher in September, chances are youll be watching the U.S. Open! The United States Open Tennis Championships, along
Jackie Chan, one of the worlds favorite martial arts experts and actors, will receive a lifetime achievement Oscar, presented by the Acade
Hot Issue
Pale Red Dot, a project dedicated to finding Earth-like planets, discovered one just last month! Orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, the pla
Gene Wilder filled peoples lives with wonder and laughter through his acting career. Born in 1933 under the name of Jerome Silberman, Wild
World News
In 2014, an autistic five-year-old girl from the U.K. named Iris Grace received widespread praise for her amazing paintings. Iris mother,
If you lost your arm or leg, would you still be able to feel it? Strangely, amputees sometimes feel as if their missing limb is still there.
World News
Iris Grace has an inseparable bond with her cat Thula. Already a respected artist in England, 6-year-old Iris suffers from autism. She has a
What`s New?
Pippa, a golden retriever from Brisbane, Australia, loves to get mail from the postman and deliver it to her family. But because mail doesn
A decade ago, a fisherman in the Philippines discovered a 34-kg pearl. He kept it under his bed for good luck. Sadly, a big fire destroyed h
By now, everyone knows that ocean pollution is a real problem. But how much pollution is there really ? of the plastic kind? The worlds oc
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The stove is hot! Mmm, this blanket feels so soft. Ouch, I stepped on a rock! You feel all the
Yummy News
Fall is here! Apples are popping up everywhere! Its the perfect season to make apple ladybugs.
Around Nature
Lets review what we learned! The biggest wild cat is the tiger. Next is the lion. So, what i
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Sift. Sift flour into the bowl. Add. Add salt. Knead. Knead the dough. Cut. Cut the dough.
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