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Headline News
COVID-19 has ravaged countries all over the world. It has also forcibly opened our eyes to the long-ignored weaknesses e
The height of the Eiffel Tower is 324 m, but it varies depending on the season. A study found that the height of the Eif
National News
Lim Young-woong is a trot singer. Recently, he donated W100 million to Dream Fruits. It is a special organization that h
Around Me
Blueberries are small, round fruits. They grow on bushes. Blueberries are good for our eyes and br
World News I
On June 7, a giant squid weighing more than 317 kg washed ashore on a beach in Britannia Bay, South Africa. Scientists are unsure how the sq
What’s This About?Webtoons are digital comics made specifically for smartphones and other mobile devices. Comic books, on the other hand, a
Drunken boxing is a style of Chinese kung fu that was popularized in the 1978 film Drunken Master. In the film, Jackie Chan learns this styl
On June 17, three new Pokemon games were announced, including New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. It is the sequel to Pokemon Snap, a
World News
The world’s largest reptile egg has been discovered in Antarctica. The enormous egg, which is over 27 cm long and 18 cm wide, was laid by a
Kim Chae-young is a former lawyer who is currently managing one of the most influential mixed martial arts (MMA) YouTube channels, Chador. C
National News
Since May, Gyeonggi Province has been live-streaming a program titled 21day on YouTube to encourage more people to adopt abandoned pets. The
National News
In collaboration with the Guem River Basin Environmental Office, Yeongdong County is trying to preserve the Parnassius bremeri. It is an end
World News
Disney will reopen its theme parks in the U.S., France, and Japan in July. Disney closed them for several months because of the spread of CO
According to scientists, everyone had 300 bones when they were born. But 94 of them will disappear and only 206 bones will remain. This is b
When we are scared, we often find ourselves sweating. Interestingly, our hair stands on end when we are extremely frightened. This has to do
The Tamagotchi is a handheld digital toy pet. Toy company Bandai began selling it worldwide in 1997. The name Tamagotchi is a combination of
Around Me
Blueberries are small, round fruits. They grow on bushes. Blueberries are good for our eyes and br
Yummy News
The Brick Campus is a special Lego museum on Jeju Island. It was built in 2017. At the museum, the
Around Nature
Skunks are small animals that look like squirrels. They have black and white fur. Skunks look cute
See & do
(1) Grate. Grate some cheese. (2) Play. Play with some dolls. (3) Put. Put glue on the paper. (4)
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