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Headline News
It is well known around the world that South Korea has one of the most educated workforces. Korea’s also recognized as
A: I’d like to visit some famous places in Europe. Is there any place that you want to recommend?B: How about the Leani
National News
Who doesn’t like bright lights and fireworks? From July 28-31, enjoy refreshing summer nights in beautiful Pohang, Nort
Around Me
I have the best friends in the world! My friends and I always have fun on the playground. Togeth
World News I
The future is near! Flying cars will soon become a reality thanks to Terrafugia, a small but ambitious company based in the American state o
What’s This About? Free speech is the right to express any opinions without censorship, limitation, or restraint. Most governments across t
The 2016 UEFA European Championship, hosted by France, ended as the four remaining teams ? France, Germany, Wales, and Portugal ? recently c
People all over the world are hypnotized by K-pop idols! Currently, more than a million aspiring singers have to train for at least four to
Hot Issue
Saying goodbye to a friend is always rough. It simply never feels enough. This month, firefighters from Cypress, Texas said goodbye to a fel
Albert Schweitzer once said, “The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others.” Allan Law, a 76-y
World News
It started as a silly way to pass time. One Californian father named Patrick Quinn felt bored watching his 3 week-old son, Maxton, sleep. A
Scientists have discovered that boars and warthogs have built-in compasses that allow them to detect which way is north and which way is sou
World News
The Niarchos Foundation, one of Greece’s most famous organizations, just built a 1,400-seat opera house in Athens. The project took over ei
What`s New?
You are alone at home with nothing to eat. Don’t worry! The robot chef will cook you a nice meal. Moley Robotics, a company in the United K
Labradors are known for eating a lot of food. Even if they eat enough, they still want more. Naturally, they are more obese than other dogs
Who doesn’t love a furry, lovable cat? Apparently, a city council from White Settlement, Texas doesn’t! This delightful cat, fittingly nam
Around Me
I have the best friends in the world! My friends and I always have fun on the playground. Togeth
Yummy News
Hiss… The snake is slithering into your tummy! Make this cool cucumber snake for a crunchy snack.
Around Nature
Do you like to eat crabs? They are delicious! But where can we find them? Crabs live in oceans
See & do
Meet. Meet new friends. Shake. Shake their hands. .Eat. Eat lunch together. Play. Play toget
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