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A major reason Bill Clinton enjoyed two successful terms as U.S. president was his knack for hiring the right people for
Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? You’re probably thinking of a beautiful landscape with the graceful moveme
National News
On Dec. 13, the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra will be playing a beautiful concert at the Seoul Baekje Museum. The theme o
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It’s raining, and I can’t go outside. But I won’t pout. The sun will shine again tomorrow!
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On Oct. 31, Kansas State University student Hunter Jobbins left his car for about 15 minutes and returned to find something missing - his Ki
What’s This About? The future is definitely near, or it might actually be here already! Technology companies are becoming more innovative t
Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain are all basketball legends and the best of their generati
Earlier this year, YG Entertainment’s newest girl group, Black Pink, debuted. Their first single, Square One, consisted of “Whistle” and
Hot Issue
Are you a lover of animals? As a sheep farmer, how would you feel if your precious flock was constantly being stolen by thieves? Feeling fru
Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s top actors. He was born in New York on July 3, 1962. Tom Cruise’s family moved many times during his chil
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After Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, one of the biggest days to go shopping in the United States. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgivi
How did birds come to get their wings? And when did they start to fly? Most scientists believe there’s a connection between today’s birds
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Voters in cities across the U.S. have agreed to a new soda tax! Most people know that sugary drinks are linked to obesity and diabetes. Cali
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Everyone loves delicious desserts, and a little touch of imagination can make them even better. An Italian pastry chef named Matteo Stucchi
Who is your favorite person? You might say it’s your mom or dad! Here is a heartwarming story for those who love their mother.In the United
When winter comes, maybe you just want to stay home because of the bone-chilling cold. But sometimes you should go out and exercise to stay
Around Me
It’s raining, and I can’t go outside. But I won’t pout. The sun will shine again tomorrow!
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For this funny treat, you will need a can of bean soup, crackers, breadsticks, a red pepper, shredde
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Koalas live in Australia. They like to climb trees and eat leaves. They sometimes sleep up to 20
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Whine. Sometimes we whine. Frown. We sometimes frown. Pout. We even pout sometimes. Smile. But we
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