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Headline News
Claudia Sheinbaum has won the presidential election by a historic landslide margin. According to preliminary results fro
People have long wondered how and why the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids in and around Giza. But we may now have a
National News
On May 14, the K-pop boy band Seventeen’s agency revealed that the group opened two Community Learning Centers (CLCs) i
Around Me
“Can I learn school subjects at home?” I ask. “Yes, through homeschooling,” Mom says. “How
World News I
The French postal service La Poste released nearly 600,000 scratch-and-sniff postage stamps celebrating the baguette on May 17. This launch
What’s This About?The role of competition in school has long been a recurring topic of debate, engaging educators, parents, and students al
The inaugural Basketball Champions League Asia in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from June 9 to 15 marks a significant event in the basketball
The girl group NewJeans reached a significant milestone as its hit track “Ditto” surpassed 600 million streams on Spotify, the world’s le
World News
Veterans and world leaders gathered in Normandy, France, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a turning point in World War II. On J
Arizona State University held its commencement on May 6. This year’s ceremony, however, had an unusually young participant. Dorothy Jean Ti
National News
On May 30, South Korea officially entered the global space race with the launch of the Korea AeroSpace Administration (KASA), joining the ra
National News
Youn Sung-ho, popularly known as Pakgu or NewJeansNim, is a comedian and DJ who debuted in 2001. His stage name, NewJeansNim, is also his ac
World News
A Mitsubishi robot in Japan set a new world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube. The robot’s name is TOKUI Fast Accurate Synchronized Motion
A heat wave is a period of extremely hot weather. During a heat wave, the temperature rises much higher than usual. It can be very uncomfort
Today, there are many devices that can perform calculations for us, including computers, smartphones, and calculators. Before the invention
On May 21 and 22, South Korea and the United Kingdom jointly hosted the AI Seoul Summit in Seoul. The summit focused on enhancing AI safety,
Around Me
“Can I learn school subjects at home?” I ask. “Yes, through homeschooling,” Mom says. “How
Yummy News
A monarchy is a form of government. The king or queen acts as the head of state. However, not all
Around Nature
Have you ever seen a cat use a litter box? Cats cover up their poop and pee with sand. Do you kno
See & do
How do you catch dragonflies? You can use a butterfly net. You swing it in the air. You can us
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