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Headline News
Angela Merkel has won a fourth term as German Chancellor, with her Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) earning 33% of
Mao Zedong was a Chinese communist revolutionary leader, poet, and political theorist. He was born on Dec. 26, 1893 in S
National News
The weather is getting colder and you can easily get sick. Eating a pear can help lower a fever and relieve coughing and
Around Me
Do you play the piano? I started playing the piano when I was seven. My fingers grew long and st
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Walmart is testing a service that not only delivers groceries to the customer’s home but also puts them directly into the fridge when nobod
What’s This About? With the recent hurricanes in the southern United States, weather has been more deadly and unpredictable than ever befor
In America, it is customary for players and audience members to stand with a hand over their heart during the national anthem. However, with
The 22nd Busan International Film Festival kicked off on Oct. 12 with a lineup of 298 films from 75 countries around the world. The festival
World News
Hurricane Harvey was one of the worst storms ever recorded in U.S history. It wreaked havoc on the Houston metropolitan area and caused hund
Hot Issue
Many of us are aware that a lack of sleep can affect us the following day, with performance issues and unpleasant moods. However, what about
National News
Seoul citizens can enjoy fine autumn weather on the open-air rooftops of five buildings in the city. This month, the Seoul Metropolitan Libr
An incredible discovery has been found under the Norwegian city of Trondheim. Archeologists digging underneath the market square have manage
World News
A koala survived a 16-kilometer ride while it was squeezed in the wheel arch of a car. The driver did not know he had an extra passenger unt
To answer this question, first we must think about gravity. Gravity is the force that pulls us toward Earth so we don’t fly into space! We
Giraffes are the tallest animals on Earth. Most of them live in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. They normally have yellow
Do you like insects? While most people are afraid of insects, they are important components of our ecosystem. Contrary to public belief, man
Around Me
Do you play the piano? I started playing the piano when I was seven. My fingers grew long and st
Yummy News
Making chocolate-covered banana snacks is fun and easy. All you need are some bananas, chocolate s
Around Nature
The insects have black stripes at each end, and a reddish brown stripe in the middle. In autumn, t
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Place. Place your fingers. Read. Read the scores. Press. Press the keys. Coordinate. Coordinate
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