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Headline News
A migrant worker from Sri Lanka, chasing the Korean dream, has earned his permanent residency status in a roundabout way
The process of donating an organ involves surgically removing an organ from a donor and transplanting it into a recipien
National News
Doctors, researchers, and policymakers got together at the National Assembly Building국회의원회관 to discuss the need to
Around Me
2019 is here! We all gathered on Jan. 1 and wished each other a happy new year. Some of us have
World News I
On Dec. 25, a 7-year-old Canadian boy called 911 to gripe about a pair of snow pants he received for Christmas. Fortunately, the dispatcher
What’s This About? Recycling is the process of converting waste into new material. When we recycle, we reuse items that would otherwise be
The Maasai, an ethnic group living in Kenya, are renowned as warriors and hunters. Bringing home a lion was the traditional path to manhood.
Lee Young-ja, one of Korea’s most beloved comedians and television presenters, won the Grand Prize at the 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards, be
World News
Elvis Presley, also known as the “king of rock ‘n’ roll,” was one of the most influential people in the 20th century. He was born in Mis
After passing the Korean medical license test, Thomas Taban Akot recently became the first person from South Sudan to hold a Korean doctor’
National News
In a move to curb the use of single-use food and drink containers, Seoul City Hall has decided to block the entry of all disposable cups and
National News
The number of naturalized Koreans has increased dramatically. On Feb. 8, 1957, a Taiwanese citizen who changed his name to Son Il-seung beca
World News
The average lifespan of male otters is between 10 and 15 years. Eddie lived for more than 20 years. People considered him to be one of the o
Penguins are birds with black and white feathers. They cannot fly. Instead, they love to swim in the ice-cold ocean water. They can swim as
If animals under the sea slept like human beings, they would be vulnerable to attacks from other animals. To protect themselves, dolphins sw
There was a race across Antarctica between two men. One was a British army captain named Louis Rudd, and the other man was an American endur
Around Me
2019 is here! We all gathered on Jan. 1 and wished each other a happy new year. Some of us have
Yummy News
In Korea, mothers eat seaweed soup after having a baby. People eat it on their birthday, too. Fi
Around Nature
Reading With My Mom Bookstores have many books. I can read some books by myself. My mom can r
See & do
(1) Give. Give a gift. (2) Receive. Receive a gift. (3) Open. Open the gift. (4) Tie.
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