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For the seventh time in recent history, leaders of East Asia’s three biggest economies met to discuss regional issues.
Looking for ways to improve your grades? According to a new study published in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psych
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In Korea, you can participate in tea-making process, and taste fresh tea in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Jiri.Whe
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Green sea turtles are the world’s largest species of hard-shelled turtle. These turtles are found
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Trenton McKinley, a 13-year-old boy in Alabama, regained consciousness just after his parents signed to donate his organs.He suffered severe
What’s This About? Some people believe that watching too much TV can be bad for children, with some households even getting rid of televisi
Ki Sung-yueng, the captain of the Korean national football team, will play an integral part in qualifying Korea to the group phase in the Wo
Champion was released in South Korean theaters on May 1 and debuted at No. 2. Around 140,000 people watched the film on its opening day, rak
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Just five days before her marriage, Zanele Ndlovu fought for her life when a crocodile pulled her out of her boat and bit her arm. “We had
Chloe Kim is a Korean-American snowboarder. She became the youngest woman to win an Olympics snowboarding medal when she won gold in the wom
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The Ministry of Education announced the government will hire fewer teachers through the state-run teacher certification examination. In orde
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As a result of this year’s successful inter-Korean summit, polls are showing a record-high approval rating for President Moon Jae-in. Accor
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Feliks Zemdegs, a world record holder on rubik’s cube, has broken his own record. He solved the puzzle in just 4.22 seconds.The 22-year-old
From ordering food to booking movie tickets, we use smartphones for many purposes. We can also use smart devices to take care of our pets. P
Passing gas is a necessary and normal part of digesting food. Absolutely everybody in the whole world has to do it for their digestive healt
Two employees in a company in the U.S. said they are bonded for life after one donated his kidney to the other.Matt Knowles of Cambridge rec
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Green sea turtles are the world’s largest species of hard-shelled turtle. These turtles are found
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Cold noodle is the most popular summer dish in Korea. The dish includes noodle that is made of flo
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The Climate of Seoul Seoul has four distinct seasons. The Temperature difference between the ho
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1. Serve Serve the noodle with beef stock. 2. Shred Shred pear to garnish cold noodle. 3. Mix
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