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Adults might be complaining about the rising home prices in Seoul, and you might be wondering what the ruckus is all abo
Dear readers: This special section focuses on middle school English. Content is carefully selected from major English t
National News
Are you always playing with your smartphone? If so, be careful! You might get a popcorn brain. Thats when your bra
Around Me
What is your favorite summer activity? The best way to cool down is by playing in the water! Get
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In late July, a 120-kg seal was found napping in a womens restroom at the Mersey Vale Cemetery in Australia. With assistance from the Tasm
Whats This About? Its everyones dream to buy and own a place they can call home. Unfortunately, its not that easy to even find an af
The Rio Games have officially come to an end. On the surface, this years Olympics was not much different from past ones. Countries like th
The highly anticipated Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, a remake of the hit Chinese drama Startling by Each Step, is only a few days away from airing in
Hot Issue
Just imagine how youd feel if you found a 400-year-old work of art valued at about $135 million (W1.5 billion)! This sounds too good to be
Who doesnt know Dory and Nemo, Woody and Buzz, Wall-E, and their wonderful stories? Theyre iconic! Pixar, the award-winning American com
World News
Milk does the body good, but would you drink cockroach milk? An international team of scientists from the United States, Japan, Canada, Fran
Is it true that boogers can save your life? According to a research team led by German bacteriologist Bernhard Krismer, a booger is filled w
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The people of San Mateo, California were scared. There was a mountain lion in their town! Everyone was running and they called the police fo
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Do you get scared or excited thinking about ghosts? Well, heres an electrifying ghost hunting movie for everyone! Ghostbusters is now in t
Did you know that mosquitoes prefer to bite some people more than others? Even in a large group of people, mosquitoes are pretty picky about
Fart with confidence, says Shreddies. Shreddies, a British undergarment company, has created a line of underwear that can filter out the
Around Me
What is your favorite summer activity? The best way to cool down is by playing in the water! Get
Yummy News
This summer has been hot! Lets cool down in the pool. Well, not an actual pool. Instead, let
Around Nature
Hedgehogs are tiny, round animals. Some are as small as a persons hand. They are very cute, bu
See & do
1. Scream. Scream loudly. 2. Whisper. Whisper to your mom. 3. Sing. Sing a song.
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